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RV Spinner 13" Constant Speed Spinner Kit for the Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller 2 Blades


The first of the RV spinners from Cummins Spinners is now available. It is for the Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller 2 blades, and is sold as a kit.  


The Kit contains the following Items


One 13" Alum Cone with Cut-outs for the Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller


rv spinner cone 1





                    rv spinner cutout 3              rv cutout 1


Please note the holes, one each side of the cut out are not in the spinner cones that will be supplied


One Pre Drilled Alum Front plate to suit the Alum Cone


rv spinner frontplate 3



This kit replaces the F/Glass cone and front plate supplied by Van's Aircraft in their 13" Constant speed spinner kit SPINNER, C/S-13


The purchaser will still the following Vans parts


 S-602-1               FP,CS,SEN 13"BACK PLT       
 S-602B                CS BACK PLT DOUBLER   


The cost of the kits is $380.00 USD Inc Freight 5-7 DAY Tracking Number


Payment will be by Paypal Invoice which will be sent once your order is ready to ship 





To place an order please send an email to


photo email


with the following information please




Postal Address


RV Model


Propeller Model



Once I receive your order, I will email you a confirmation of your order


Lead-time will be about 4-6 weeks from the confirmed order


Shipping will be by Australia Post EMS (5-7 Working days) with a tracking number is included.


Full instructions for fitting the spinner will be on the web site soon but you can use the Vans instructions as this kit replaces the Vans fibreglass cone with a Aluminium Cone  


Here is a link, which shows the first prototype spinner being spun


Click here for Vans Spinner Plans


Please note the Sensenich fixed pitch propeller is still in the R&D phase and will be available in the near future